The CAR Demo

I wanted to challenge myself to a 24-hour coding run (but that was broken up across several days because that’s how real life works). And so I’ve been considering multiple different side or mini-games to embed within a much larger Cyberpunk-themed adventure game I’ve been working on *fingers crossed the time and tools to make it a reality becomes a reality* while learning more throughout the process of what I can and cannot do on the Jag.


Since exploring what you actually ‘can’ do is part of the fun, I’ll just note that every single button does something with quite a few being condition-specific

With that said, changing the car skin or color is only for preview, it’s not a bug that it doesn’t stay that way. I just didn’t make it that way for various reasons but it being just a demo is the primary one.

If the cyberpunk game materializes, you can expect to see something like this in the game that’s more than just a demo and is actually something you can drive.


While it’s not much, it’s 4MB of pure 64-bit candy with a little bit of fluff+space filler. I hope you enjoy toying around with it as much as I enjoyed making it.


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