A Lottery Number Generator for your Atari Jaguar –

About this program:

JAGPOWAH! PLAY! is a 1MB ROM Lottery Number Generator for the Atari Jaguar and is distributed free of charge. This ROM is compatible for use on both a Skunkboard and the Jaguar GameDrive, with an included MRQ file. It will also work on Virtual Jaguar but is not ideal and as always, looks best on a CRT!


C – Clear Recent Drawings
B – Draw Numbers
A – Display Recent 5 Drawings (these will automatically overlap unless cleared or you change the region)

PAUSE – Info about JAGPOWAH! Play!
OPTIONS – Region select and Draw speeds.
UP/RIGHT/LEFT/DOWN – Exit screensaver mode

Please check out the AtariAge link to read more details and download the JAGPOWAH!.ZIP


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