A 64-Bit Interactive Multimedia System Demo

Screenshots from the demo running on real Atari Jaguar

I’ve released a short interactive game-like demo that pulls from various test beds that I’ve experimented with over the years and integrates them into one, so that you can see the translation of a few ideas fully implemented into something that works in simple form.

Demo 1: a walking interactive that allows you to explore the area and interact with objects with text displayed at the bottom similar to that of a graphic/text adventure.

Demo 2: involves hacking an ATM in under 30 seconds so you can obtain the cash you need before heading to the bar.

Demo 3: actual interaction with the bartender before you meet your ultimate fate.

Please bare in mind that the demo is limited in scope intentionally, as a lot of these were strictly for testing purposes so that I can implement what I’ve learned into other (actual) games.

Head over to the AtariAge thread linked below to read further details and download the 6MB demo for your Jaguar GD or Skunkboard:


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